Question: Why should I shop on Diamond Hub through online?

Answer: We offer great discounts and offers to bring you true value for your money – right in the comfort of your home! You will find all the relevant information available here to help you shop Online.

Question: How long will my order take to receive?

Answer: All the products are normally dispatched within 7 working days of booking the order.In som cases of unavailability it may takes some time to dispatched.

Question: Can I return product if there is a damage or mismatch with the ordered product, and if so how?

Answer: We offer a 24 hrs for you to decide, Simply call to our support number at @ +91 -8448388603 or Whatsapp @ +91-8448388603  or Via E-Mail at returns@diamondhub.co.in  upon receipt of the product and discuss about the returns.

Question: Will I get any written confirmation for my order while place an order?

Answer: Yes. You will certainly receive an email confirmation immediately once you make the payment, which will give you complete information about the product details and the estimated delivery time. 

Question:  What payment methods do Diamond Hub accepted?

Answer: You can pay for your purchases using a Credit or Debit card or Net Banking or Cash Wallets (all secured through 128-bit SSL encoding). We also accept Cash On Delivery (COD).

Question: Is it safe to use my credit or, debit card online at jewelry?

Answer: We regard data protection as a vital concern and we would make certain that your privacy is, and remains protected at all times when using our online shop.

We regularly adapt our security measures to the current state of the art. We encrypt your personal data using the SSL process (Secure Socket Layer process) for our online shop and for transmitting your personal data stored there, which includes the payment information. The SSL process is currently the most common and most secure Internet data transmission process. You can go through this in detail on our privacy policy page. 

Question: Can I change my shipping address after my order has been dispatched?

Answer: Unfortunately, we are unable to redirect orders once your items have been dispatched.

Question: What if the ordered item receives is defected?

Answer: In a rare case of a manufacturing defect, we give you a 1-year warranty covering material defects and production faults, from your date of purchase. Within the warranty period, it will be repaired free of charge. If a repair is not possible or deemed too expensive, we will exchange the jewelry against jewelry of equal value free of charge. However, the warranty does not cover general wear and tear, misuse and tarnishing and a few factors, which are specified on the Service Warranty page.

Question: How do I return the product once received?

Answer: You can return the goods within 3 days from when you receive them. Please send us the jewelry pieces as a “parcel with return receipt” (including tracking number) to the following address and please keep the dispatch receipts safely for reference. This helps us track the articles and is essential for any other potential queries we may have. For details on refund, please refer to our Returns and Refunds page.

Question: How do I know if a diamond is genuine?

Answer: You will not. You need to be an expert and use specialised equipment to make sure a diamond is real. Do not trust ideas like scratching a beer bottle (it may damage the diamond too), thermal conductivity, looking through, comparing weight, etc. If the diamond is accompanied by a certificate, you will know it is real and if it is treated artificially or not.

Question: Which shape gives me the greatest value for my money?

Answer: Round brilliant diamond has the most brilliance, and the most popular. Fancy diamonds look more elegant in larger sizes. Also, they tend to look larger than they are by virtue of their shape. The choice of shape is also governed by the shape of the hand and Diamond Colour and Diamond Clarity. Round brilliant diamond hides defects and yellow tints the best.

Question: How does the HRD certificate compare to GIA certificate?

Answer: GIA is the oldest lab and so has become the most well-recognized and reputed, especially in the United States. On the other hand, HRD is well-regarded by the diamond community in Europe. HRD and GIA differ ever so slightly in systems of grading. Both strive to conform to their own system and overall, both do good and comparable jobs. You should to be able to buy a diamond with a high degree of confidence with either lab's report.

Question: Can I request for trial at my office?

Answer: Absolutely! You can avail our Try@Home service anywhere.

Question: Is Cash on Delivery (CoD) available for customers outside India?

Answer: No, currently CoD is available only for customers residing in India.